"Dhoni koi Tendulkar hai ?


"Dhoni –Dhoni hai, ek baar uss ladke ko mauka mil gaya toh bahut age tak jayega"

These words sum up the entire story of both MS Dhoni – The Legend and MS Dhoni – The Untold Story

Finally!! we have a movie on INDIA’s NATIONAL RELIGION – CRICKET which WILL break new records just as the Inspirational man behind it did in 2011 at Wankhade Stadium – The Indian Mecca of Cricket.

The trailer of the biopic MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, is based on the legendary captain of India, who led a billion Indian dreams of winning the World Cup, is undoubtedly epic. The 3 minutes 18 seconds trailer gives you moments, emotions, goosebumps, and you can hardly take your eyes off the screen. Be ready to get Inspired.


MS Dhoni: The Untold Story Trailer Analysis

The trailer sheds some light on the true story of an average Indian boy with extraordinary talent, who has transformed into a legend. The trailer clearly states that, his journey to success was not easy. The 3 odd minutes describe the story of an individual who hails from a lower- middle class family, has to work day and out, juggles between managing his studies and yet not give up his passion of representing the Indian cricket team. He gets the job of a Ticket Collector in Kharagpur, putting smiles on the faces of his family.

“Khel kud apni jagah, lekin padhai karoge toh kisi laayak banoge”The advice which every Indian parent gives makes you feel related to the situation.

However, he doesn’t stay content and constantly aims to chase his dreams in pursuit of greatness.

This common man from a small town, practices day and out and never gives up. His confidence and trust in his ability, is truly inspiring.

“Strike hum lenge, Tum bas Run out mat karwa dena”

This shows his tenacity to take the initiative right from school cricket days.

The man had to go against all odds and chase his dream by virtue of his hard work and sheer commitment to sports. There is a well-crafted scene where a sports equipment manufacturer doubts his potential and questions “Dhoni koi Tendulkar hai?”, then the person who backs Dhoni gives a fitting reply by saying “Dhoni – Dhoni hai, ek baar uss ladke ko mauka mil gaya toh bahut age tak jayega” gives you goosebumps.

The trailer reveals the journey of the Indian Captain from Platform no – 3, Kharagpur to holding the world cup in Mumbai. Director Neeraj Pandey presents it right from the days, when Dhoni was a goal keeper at school, and gradually describes- how he got into wicket keeping and cricket.

“Kharagpur mein job security mein phas gaye na papa to aage kuch nahin kar paayenge”shows the dilemma every youngster aspiring to break the shackles goes through.

Lastly the world cup moment, where Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput) hits a six that puts joy in the faces of a billion of people, as India re lives the glory of being world champion after 28 years, is fantastically done.

Dhoni finishes off in style……!!!

The moment will surely raise the hairs of your body, and gives you a proud feeling of being an Indian.

All in all, the trailer looks realistic and the movie looks set for a big opening specially for Sushant Singh Rajput’s Career.

Get ready to be soaked in the fever of cricket this Dusshera. For a change you might find yourself chanting DHONI!!  DHONI!!  DHONI!! – But this time, inside a theatre near you.

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MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY : Box office Prediction

The movie should do great business, and all the cricket fans should rush into the theaters to pay tribute to the legendary captain of India. With a huge amount of money (104 crores) spent on the movie, the business should not disappoint the producers and the distributors. Releasing on September 30, the movie will have some competition from Prabhu Deva’s “Tutak Tutak Tutia” that releases on October 7. However, given the story and the buzz generated, If the movie manages to outperform “Tutak Tutak Tutia”. It should continue collecting big until Ajay Devgan’s Shivaay releases on October 28.

The rest of the movies that release in the month of October like- “Saat Ucchakey”, “Gandhigiri”, “Ek Tha Hero” won’t give much of a competition to “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.”

Expected Weekend Collection of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

The movie should collect around 45 to 50 crores in the first weekend itself.

Expected First Week Collection of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

Depending on the word of mouth and the reviews from the critics the movie should make around 70 -  90 crores in the 1st week itself.

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